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RES-TEC professionals can perform any and all of the below services. Education is generally provided free of charge as part of our design and installation services.  Site analysis can be performed for a fixed fee or rolled into a complete system design package. System design can be performed for a fixed fee including documentation, installation guidelines, component selection, purchasing and delivery) or as part of a total package that includes installation and ongoing support.

The best deal for the customer tends to be a total package of education, site analysis, design, installation, and support. This type of installation allows us to provide the most comprehensive package to best meet our customers’ needs and budgetary constraints. RES-TEC desires to work with each customer on an individual, professional basis, so that when the job is done you can feel secure and confident in the operation and maintenance of your power generation system. RES-TEC engineers and technicians are here to help our customers by providing the following professional services:

​Site Analysis

Determining the best sites and orientation for your solar array (solar electric panels or thermal modules), wind turbine (vertical axis or blade type horizontal axis), micro-hydro turbine (small scale water power) can be accomplished in part by using one of our web based templates, a physical site visit by one of our engineers, supplemented with phone and email communications.

The site analysis can be performed for a fixed fee to enable the customer to evaluate several options for renewable energy design and cost effectiveness for the site, or rolled into the cost of a complete system design.



System Design

Based on a site plan and evaluation, we work directly with the customer to determine the optimum technology mix for their renewable energy power system, balancing energy need with customer budgets.

RES-TEC design professionals guide the home/business owner with their choices of efficient electric appliances and loads and select the proper equipment to meet those needs, both in terms of the quantity of power generated and the type of systems included (solar, wind, hydro, generator, thermal, hybrid). Specifying the type and size of your component parts (storage batteries, inverters, PV panels, thermal modules, generators, wiring, charge controllers, meters, battery chargers, safety fusing and switching), and understanding how they all work together takes years of practical experience and education. The final product is a detailed system design folder that includes site diagrams, component specifications and data sheets, wiring diagrams, warranty and maintenance information, provisioning, monitoring and analysis, and on-going support.

System design can be done in one of the following three ways, for a fixed price fee:


Option 1: The customer receives a complete design package delivered in notebook form. The do-it-yourself handyman can use this information to purchase components and complete the installation or defer installation to a later date.

Option 2: The customer receives the complete detailed design package outlined above, along with a complete component and materials package delivered to your site in kit form. The kit comes with handy installation instructions and options, component provisioning information and startup instructions, ready for the customer to complete installation. Maintenance and monitoring information is included. Customer receives all component factory warranties applicable.

Option 3: All of the above, including delivery, complete professional installation of all system components, system startup and provisioning, and onsite customer training in design, system specifications, provisioning, monitoring and maintenance of the system, all for a fixed fee. Additionally, we can advise and procure for our clients all available state and federal credits and tax rebates.

The renewable energy field is a rapidly evolving market. RES-TEC engineers are constantly researching new market trends and the latest developments in systems, technologies and components. You can be confident that your system has been designed to produce the maximum energy for the least cost.


RES-TEC uses only professional, qualified technicians for installation of our systems.

These are skilled engineers, electricians, plumbers and others trained in industry-accredited courses. We design and install systems that will last a long time.

RES-TEC installed systems come with installation guarantees, in addition to the manufacturer’s component warranties for major system components.

Installation of systems we have designed are typically part of the fixed price design package.



Component Sales

Our renewable energy systems are designed using only the highest quality components available, and each system design uses a matched set of components that will operate effectively together, giving you simple, trouble-free operation for years to come. We can select from a variety of manufacturers to meet your specific needs for size and capability.

Additionally, RES-TEC has source agreements with many manufacturers and distributors, assuring that you are receiving the most reliable, high-quality and cost-effective products in the industry. Typical system components include: Solar PV and Thermal modules, wind turbines, hydro turbines, generators, inverters, charge controllers, battery storage banks, racks and mounting systems, wiring, fusing, lightning protection. Read more about our system components.

Ongoing Support and Service

RES-TEC technicians are available for free phone and email support, or you can make an appointment to visit our facilities to pick up supplies and ask questions. The RES-TEC team can also be hired to perform service on your system for no charge during the RES-TEC warranty period, and for time and material charges otherwise.


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