Commercial Systems

Fast, efficient installation. Substantial electric savings. Very impressive! I want more PV!
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23Kw Roof Mount, grid-tied PV system meets 70% of the electrical need for Goodro Lumber in Killington, Vt.

Bill Shaw, President
Goodro Lumber Corporation

We never have to worry about power outages affecting our productivity!
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A 6.3Kw grid-tied PV system, along with an 11.2Kw grid-tied with battery backup PV system, fully automated with a 20Kw propane fired generator, provides 100% of the electrical needs, even during power outages, for this construction business in Windsor, Vt.

Paul Biebel, President
Biebel Builders, Inc.

Residential Systems

Very Professional installation; significantly reduced our fossil fuel usage.
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Solar Hot Water system for 3-5 person residence in Bridgewater, Vt. System includes two Heliodyne flat plate collectors and a 120gal hot water storage tank with pump station and controller. This “green” home in Bridgewater, Vt. also includes a 3.5Kw, grid-tied PV system, woodstove and a lot of passive solar heating.

Bill & Nancy
Bridgewater, Vt.

Works like a charm. Installation was quick and very professional. I love watching my meter spin backwards. It’s nice to know we will always have an adequate supply of clean electricity for the next 25 years.

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This complete renewable energy home in Central Vermont includes a flat-plate collector Solar Hot Water system for 3 persons, a 6.2Kw PV system, grid-tied with automatic battery backup, supplemented with a propane fired generator, fully automated for 24/7 reliable electricity needs.

Paul and Cathy
Brownsville, Vt.

When we moved to Vermont from New Jersey, my wife’s only requirement was a real home with real electricity! We got it and more.


5Kw solar PV system supports a 3-bedroom, 4-occupant, off-grid home, high in the mountains of Bridgewater, Vt. System includes adjustable pole mounted PV panels, large battery bank, and diesel backup generator for those days the sun refuses to shine.

Jerry and Christine
Bridgewater, Vt.



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