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What Does RES-TEC Do?

We help businesses and individual homeowners generate their own electricity, space and water heating. Whether your desire is to reduce or eliminate payments to your local utility provider, minimize carbon based pollution, increase the efficiency of your home or business, enhance security and productivity, or live off-grid, RES-TEC designed systems can meet these needs!

We use our extensive engineering research coupled with field experience to separate the useful from the hype. RES-TEC only sells equipment that works reliably under real field conditions in our own installations. We avoid the one-size-fits-all approach to system design and component selection, because each customer’s application, energy needs, and budget vary widely. Our leading edge, code-compliant systems are safe, easy to install and understand, well documented and designed with your needs in mind, not ours.

Our Mission

To provide the finest in professional renewable energy system design, integration and support using the latest technologies for the purposes of helping to reduce both dependence on foreign oil and green house has emissions, reducing or eliminating consumer utility bills, and affording our customers the security and peace of mind in supplying their own energy solutions.

RES-TEC fulfills this mission by delivering the best renewable energy systems in the business. For more information about how you can gain peace of mind by using renewable energy in your home or business, please contact us.

Meet The Owners

E. Jerry Morton.  President, CEO, Mechanical Engineering Dept.

E. Jerome “Jerry” Morton first became interested in renewable forms of energy in the mid 1990’s.

Motivated by his desire to live on the mountain top vacation property that had been in his family for over 35 years presented numerous challenges, not the least of which was finding a way to provide quality, reliable electricity.

With the nearest commercial power over two and a half miles away, running grid power up the mountain to the building site would have been very costly (not to mention very unreliable).

The only good choice was to find a way to generate power onsite.

He had three things working in his favor: first and foremost was the support of his wife and two teenage children.

Moving the family to “the middle of nowhere” necessitated that the home be fully functional, i.e. television, computer, communications, dishwasher, microwave, etc.

Second was Jerry’s mechanical background and experience with technical electric systems.

Having been an aircraft mechanic for over 27 years and employed by a major US airline, he found many similarities with aircraft and renewable energy power systems.

Third were the major advancements in home-based renewable energy systems, such as increased solar panel efficiency and improvements and innovation with charge control and inverter technology.

Mr. Morton joined forces with Mr. Wemple to establish RES-TEC in 2006.

After a 1-year period of formal education in the field of Renewable Energy theory and installation practices, RES-TEC was launched.

RESTEC has partnered with builders, general contractors, plumbers and electricians to bring renewable energy to the broadest possible market.


Mr. Don Wemple, VP Engineering, Electrical Engineering Dept.

Having decided to build a future home a half-mile from the grid with a $70K price tag to bring power to the site, Mr. Wemple was immediately drawn to renewable energy.

A small stream on-property led to the choice of a hydro-electric system.

Extensive research, a few simple calculations, expertise from local installers, along with pipe and wiring installation resulted in a 750Watt 24/7/365 days a year production of electricity, now generating a monthly average of 540Kw-hrs.

This was more than enough for the average Vermont household, but not the Wemple household.  Time to go on an electricity diet!

Some simple steps were switching to efficient appliances, fluorescent lighting, elimination of phantom loads, and awareness of electric usage patterns enabled us to cut electricity usage virtually in half, with no change in lifestyle. It was quite a wakeup call, and it became apparent that others could enjoy the same experience of living independent of the power grid, reducing our country’s dependence on fossil fuels.

Mr. Wemple has since installed a 4Kw PV Solar array, grid-tied, on his existing home, with plans to add wind power.

More recently he has installed a solar thermal system, primarily for heating domestic hot water, but integrated with an outdoor wood boiler to assist space heating with the excess solar energy.

Mr. Wemple has a B. S. in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from Rivier College, with continuing education in Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy Systems.

Mr. Wemple spent 20 years in Integrated Circuit design within the Telecomm industry, building a logic design company where he served as President and CEO, which eventually sold to an IC design and manufacturing company in 1999, and served as Director of East Coast Design Centers, before entering the renewable energy field.

Mr. Wemple lives with his family in Bridgewater, VT.



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